Ride in your ideal position every time

and reach your best performance yet

F1 Aerodynamics Expertise Applied to Cycling

Streamlines has been using the knowledge and experience of over a decade of F1 aerodynamics development and testing to create accurate cycling technology that is easy to use and makes a significant difference in a cyclists performance. We have spent the last 3 years refining our ultra-precise aerodynamic and body measurement system in close partnership with Team Jumbo-Visma.

2 cm of movement can degrade a rider's CdA by over 5%

This is a loss of 1 minute over an hour

FORMA Body Position Sensor

The FORMA device was originally created as an internal tool to keep cyclists in the same position during our aerodynamic measurement tests. The riders found the FORMA so helpful that we decided to make it available to everyone.


"Super simple. Totally actionable.”
“It was a course PB for me by a wide margin.”

Micheal Liberzon, Host of the Endurance Innovation Podcast

"Working on aero gains is a continuous process and in the daily practice of a WT cycling team riders are not often available for wind tunnel or track testing. Testing with Streamlines makes it possible to test and train on the spot and give instantaneous feedback on aero gains.”

Mathieu Heijboer, Head of Performance Team Jumbo-Visma

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