The Quest

In 2016 John Buckley and Barnaby Garrood, a work colleague who inspired John's interest in software, began working on this project.​ The focus was on a new type of wind speed measurement, specifically developed for the low airspeeds and turbulent conditions found in cycling. Doing what they do best, John and Barney began a wind tunnel and CFD program to develop a new type of probe.​ With the realisation that wind speed and direction are key to accurate measurement of aerodynamic drag, a new type of aerodynamic probe was invented in less than 1 year. The company Velosense was formed to commercialise this technology.

Streamlines is Founded

In the following years an intensive R&D program created more technology: a miniature version of the cycling probe, a real time aerodynamic algorithm, and a body sensor to allow cyclists to maintain a constant position while testing.  In 2021 John started Streamlines to further simplify and improve the user experience of aerodynamic testing.

Meet the Team