FORMA Body Position Sensor

The easiest way to improve your aerodynamic performance

Why do I need a FORMA?

During the refinement of our aerodynamic measurement system we needed our test riders to stay in the same position, but we quickly realised that even professional cyclists struggle to maintain their position while riding (even the very best pro cyclists we tested in our partnership with Jumbo-Visma), especially when fatigue sets in. This deviation can be several centimetres.

Through data gathered in our tests we concluded that 2 cm in vertical movement will degrade a rider's CdA by over 5%. That is equal to 1 minute for every hour!

Our journal entry here, highlights a triathlete, Michael Liberzon, getting a bike split PB on his first use of the FORMA.

With the FORMA you can train and race in your ideal aero position, increasing your speed and optimising your performance.

How does it work?

The FORMA sensor is mounted on the cockpit of the bike near the stem or in a TT position, between the rider's elbows. On first use, riders use the alignment laser and angle adjustment dial to precisely setup the sensor on the bike. Then download the FORMA CIQ app and FORMA DF datafield from the Garmin app store. Set your data position and you are ready to ride with real time position feedback.

The FORMA uses three infra-red lasers to capture, waist, chest and head measurements with a +/- 2 mm accuracy. It displays head and chest measurements on the Garmin bike computer in real-time. It can be used in a standalone app or as data field within your own customised screens.

Main Features

  • Measures head, chest, and waist position within +/- 2 mm accuracy
  • Real-time display via Garmin bike computers
  • Post-ride data accessible via FIT file
  • Alignment laser for easy set-up
  • Weight: 40g
  • Dimensions: 46.5 x 69 x 29 mm 
  • Battery life: rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 6 hours uninterrupted
  • Light, robust, and weatherproof
  • Quarter-turn mount included or specialist mounts available for purchase separately
  • Used by professional cyclists